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Hi I'm Connie Fishbaugh, founder and director of "SACRAMENTO FASTPITCH". Glad you found us! I initially began creating this women's recreational fastpitch softball league back in 2009 because I noticed that after high school and college ball, women in Sacramento could not find any recreational FASTPITCH programs... only SLOW PITCH leagues. 

Spring of 2016 is just around the corner, and Sacramento Fastpitch is recruiting interested players to join our ongoing effort to build women's recreational fastpitch in Sacramento.

We are going to take somewhat of a different approach this year...As I hear from interested players who are serious about committing to participate, I will form two teams that will have at least two pitchers and catchers.

Once we reach the point at which we have at least 12 DEDICATED players for each team,(minimum total of 24 players) only then will we begin scheduling regular scrimmage games between those two teams on a day and time that works for most of our players at least twice a month. Scrimmage games will include a short infield/outfield workout/warm-up prior to each scrimmage as usual.

We will also re-balance each team as we see the level of skill of everyone as we start playing.

If you are serious about wanting to participate and help us build women's recreational fastpitch in Sacramento, contact Connie at conniefishbaugh[at]gmail[dot]com.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind we are not looking for hyper-competitive ego types looking to re-create your intense high school or college experience...we are ladies looking to have fun and make friends...We are all about "friendly competition" which means it isn't about having to WIN, because we are playing for the fun and love of the game, without "ego attitudes".

Because of that priority, you will really be able to relax and enjoy what we are creating with Sacramento Fastpitch, and you can look forward to making new down to earth friends who share your love of the game, minus the ego and 'winning is all that matters' mentality.

Another of our top priorities is PLAYER SAFETY, and as such we DO NOT ALLOW METAL CLEATS, NO EXCEPTIONS. Rubber cleats or regular athletic shoes only. We are not going to have any of our players spiked or scarred from any accident involving metal cleats. This rule is ALWAYS in place anyway with every city/county recreation department/program/league, it should come as no surprise that our league shares that sentiment as well.

Lastly, don't worry if you are a bit rusty...most of our players played in high school or college "back in the day" too, so you will be in good company. That said, we do have some very good players, so if you love the game come join our effort to build women's recreational fastpitch softball in Sacramento.

Some have inquired about age limits: We do allow under 18 with parental consent. 

Email Connie for more details: conniefishbaugh[at]gmail[dot]com


Connie Fishbaugh