1.    Players are allowed to play on different teams (share players) ONLY if the other team needing players is facing a forfeit due to being shorthanded.

2.    Teams can bat full roster

3.    Nine player system in the field (3 fielders, not four)

4.    Sub Rule: a)FIELDERS: Teams can substitute and reassign fielders at will, with exception of pitchers:  Teams can put a pitcher back in the pitcher’s position that was earlier pulled from that position ONLY ONCE. b)BATTERS: Teams can substitute (pinch hit) batters, but the batter being replaced is removed from the REMAINDER OF GAME, and any substitution of batters MUST be brought to attention of umpire.

5.    NO METAL CLEATS (No exceptions) This is a standard Sacramento Parks and Rec ban, not just our league.

6.    ASA Bat rules apply

7.    Pitching distance is 43 feet

8.    Pinch runners are allowed, must be last out.

9.    Games are a full 90 MINUTES in length, no new inning begins after 90 minutes (One and one-half hour).

10.  Run rule (Mercy Rule): There is a 10 run maximum rule per inning, after which the game DOES NOT END, but team at bat takes the field.

11.  Age limit: Lower age limit is 15 yrs old with signed parental waiver. There is no upper age limit.

12.  Standard ASA Fastpitch rules apply (i.e. stealing is allowed, 3rd dropped strike rule,  bunting/safety squeeze, etc)

13.  Batting helmets and full catcher’s gear required at all times No exceptions).

14.  First base safety bag required 

15. "No Pitcher" Rule: At game time, a team that has no pitcher can borrow one from another team if one is willing, but they take an out every time that pitcher comes up in the lineup for the entire game.